Our Story


Paher, meaning ‘a moment in time’, is a celebration of timeless fashion. Paher embodies conscious fashion and responsible practices. We believe in fuss-free timeless clothing. 

Paher was born out of a deep reverence for Indian woven textiles and textile crafts. Paher symbolizes our desire to show case these arts through our timeless pieces. Garments that can be worn without having to choose between comfort & looking impeccable.


Our fabrics are crafted by weavers and artisans who are masters in their fields and have advanced understanding of the many workings of Indian traditional textiles. Our intent is to uplift their communities whilst creating pieces that speak to the modern day earth loving person!


All of Paher’s garments embody the principle of 'inner beauty', they are French Seamed or Flat & Felt Seamed inside. They are crafted on the inside as well as they are on the outside, to feel as good from the inside as they do outside. 


Embracing the beauty in the imperfections of handmade textiles, a 'Wabi Sabi' perspective of life, is the driving force of Paher.