About Us

handwoven, handmade clothing

Paher is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘prahar,’ which denotes an ancient unit of time. A Paher is three hours, and therefore, there are eight pahers in a day. This definition underlines the ethos and inspiration for our brand. Our clothing transcends from one moment in time to another, with ease and grace. We create timeless pieces that can be worn from morning to night effortlessly.

Embracing the beauty in the imperfections of handmade textiles, a 'Wabi Sabi' perspective of life, is the driving force of Paher.

Our brand works with artisans from across India and we design a limited number of season-less styles, which are then produced in small batches and are made to order.

 All of Paher’s garments embody the principle of 'inner beauty', they are French Seamed or Flat & Felt Seamed, etc. 

Paher works towards cultural sustainability and is committed to uplifting artisan communities, whilst creating pieces that speak to the modern day earth loving people!


We see the Wabi Sabi principle of Japanese aesthetic, meaning beauty in transience and imperfection, deeply echoed in all handicraft. The small imperfections in the weave break the monotony of machine made perfection, they lend to the garment a sense of beauty and a sense of unique individuality. No two weaves are exactly the same, they all have a distinctive character. Paher is an ode to that uniqueness of handmade textiles.